Aug 6, 2010

I have 7 minutes of my lunch break at work and thought I'd use the time to say hello and that we are alive and well. :- ) It's been a very busy summer, as is everyone else's it seems and we've been having fun with family and friends. The only downside is we have to work as well, so it takes up a lot of our time. This weekend is Blake's birthday so hopefully I'll be able to post some photos of the fun we have, and in two weeks we're going to lagoon, so maybe even some photos there. :- ) yikes only five minutes! Anyway, just waiting for Barb to have Josie and a couple of friends to have their cute little ones, and watching my tomatoes grow! Yes, that is right I'm actually growing tomatoes, it's a miracle! hahaha! Anyway, better get back to work I only have three minutes left. I promise to post more later... which I always seem to promise and never do... sorry about that. :- )

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